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Calming the Storm: 10 Things to Do Immediately Following Discovery of an Affair

Helping Your Partner Following Your Affair:

Using Compassionate Response to Manage Triggering Events

A Few Boundaries to Consider Immediately Following Discovery of an Affair

The Potential Dangers in Talking with Friends and Family about your Partner's Affair

Shared Responsibility Does Not Mean Equal Responsibility:

An Approach to Infidelity Treatment

Lying About the Affair: What Men Need to Know About Emotional and Sexual Infidelity

When you Spouse Argues it was not an Affair

Infidelity Treatment and Why it is Different than Couple Therapy (Coming Soon)

Managing the Intrusive Thinking Associated with Your Partner's Affair

Therapeutic Process


Making Couples Counseling Work

Transformative Systemic Change in the Couple Therapy Experience

Teaching Couples Communication Skills is Not Enough: Enactments in Couple Therapy


Trust and Commitment

10 Characteristics of a Trusting Partner 

Three Basic Strategies to Strengthen Commitment

Restoring Trust (Coming Soon)



Forgiveness (Coming Soon)




The Intentional Use of Silence and Self in Conflict Communication

"Stop it". The Couples Therapist Frustrated Response

and What He Really Means


Simple Strategies for Managing Criticism (Coming Soon)



Pornography is  Bad for You and Your Relationship

Pornography: The Third Partner in Your Relationship

Books By Dr. Losey


Managing the Aftermath of Infidelity: A Sequential Guide for Therapists and Couples (2021)

Managing in the Aftermath of Infidelity is organized to speak directly to the betraying partner, the betrayed partner, and the therapist independently, offering valuable insights on how each role can assist in making recovery successful. Early chapters direct couples on how to limit potential damage from the fall out of discovery, and subsequent chapters help the couple repair and rebuild a new post-affair relationship. The strategies within this book can be used by the couple alone or as a companion to working with a therapist.

Creating an Effective Couple Therapy Practice (Routledge, 2017)

    This book is written for clinicians. Each chapter discusses a common

concern presented in couples therapy and examines the research behind effective clinical intervention. Outcome measures are identified so that the clinician can consider how to help couples assess the changes they have created in their relationship.

Bullying, Suicide and Homicide: Understanding, Assessing and Preventing Threats to Self and Others for Victims of Bullying (Routledge, 2011)

     This book is written with school counselors in mind. I discuss the sad experience of a teen who completed suicide due to bullying. I talk about the evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies with bullying and assessment and clinical interventions for suicidal intent and behavior. I also discuss some of the interviews I have conducted with school shooters who are now servicing multiple life sentences and how to conduct threat assessment.




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