Communication in Action

Experiential Workshop for Creating Effective Communication

And Healing Your Relationship


June 26, 2021 (In-Person)


This is more than a skills-teaching session, so don't be confused! This one-day program is a therapeutic experience between you and your partner as you use effective communication processes that have "real-word" applicability to your relationship. There are two primary goals of this program:


1) Learn healthy and healing communication processes.

2) Experience your partner in healing communication about your relationship.

Spend the day with your partner and experience healthy and healing dialogue through the guidance of a counselor and expert teacher on communication process. This is an in-person session for a small number of couples. However, there is limited interaction with the other couples (and mostly only during breakfast and lunch). The program is structured so that each section of the agenda includes the teaching of a specific communication process and then independent discussion as a couple on a topic important to the two of you. This allows you to learn the process as you are guided to privately do "your work" as a couple.

What you get:

A day of learning quality communication processes.


A day of connecting intimately with your partner. 


Breakfast and lunch.


Take-home manual.


Opportunity for an additional evening activity of

guided imagery to create intimate connection with your partner.

I will assist out-of-town guest in

connecting with hotel accommodations.

Cost: $795.00 per couple


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8:30-9:00am Breakfast 

Light breakfast of danish, fruit, juice and coffee/tea.


9:00-10:30am "Be Quiet and Listen"

Over-emphasized in much of the self-help information about healthy communication is "active listening", but what about "passive listening"? Counselors regularly teach active listening, which is a good skill, yet I am sure that there are many times that you wished your partner would just be quiet for a bit and listen. So this is where we start. Passive listening is the ability to maintain a quiet presence with your partner as they share their internal experience with you. Even though it is called “passive listening”, the process is a highly active experience that will lead to each of you creating an intimately, evolving understanding of any issue that you are discussing. 

What we will do: 

1) I will teach the process of passive listening. 

2) You select a topic to discuss that is important to your relationship.

3) I guide you through the process of evolving anchors, reflection, discernment, and re-anchoring so that each partner's perspective is completely understood by the other. As mentioned earlier, these discussions are private to the two of you.

4) Discuss potential change actions.

10:30-10:45am Break

10:45am-12:00pm Creating Intimate Dialogue

I will discuss the conditions necessary for creating intimate dialogue. Anchoring and driving communication to intimate levels is an intentional process and each partner has role-specific responsibilities to drive intimate dialogue. When both partners are congruent, intimacy deepens.

What we will do:

1) I will teach intimate dialogue process.

2) You will select a topic about intimacy to explore using the intimate dialogue process.

3) Each of you will facilitate an intimate conversation with the other.

4) Discuss potential change actions.

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

We will pre-order box lunches from Panera and have it delivered to us.


1:00-2:30pm Conflict Process and Planning for the Next Argument

Conflict occurs in stages and effective conflict communication requires each partner to know the expectations for each stage in the conflict. I will teach the stages, the goals and interventions for each stage. Strategies include team-based conflict process, soft start-ups, staying engaged in-tension, soft and hard exits and a model for resolution of conflict topics. You will then construct you own interventions for each stage of the conflict process. 

What we will do:

1) I will teach the conflict process and potential interventions for each stage.

2) You will identify interventions for each stage that will be beneficial to your relationship.

3) Practice ongoing engagement in tension, soft and hard exits of conflict.

3) Discuss potential change actions.



2:30-2:45pm Break

2:45- 4:15pm Unconscious Relationship Agenda

I will assist you in identifying the hidden agendas that are operating in your relationship and that are usually present in most arguments. Identifying unconscious agendas will create awareness of how past hurts influence the present. You will have an opportunity to discuss these agendas and make request of one another for healing. 

What we will do:

1) I will guide your through personal reflection about dynamics in your relationship.

2) You will share this reflection with your partner.

3) Each partner will make a request for healing based on the hidden agendas.

4) Discuss potential change actions.

4:15-5:00pm Goal Setting for your Future Relationship

What now? I will guide you through this goal setting session so that you can be clear in setting the next steps for your relationship. 

6:00pm-8:00pm Optional Session on Developing Intimacy through Guided Imagery ($75.00)

Join this session with your partner as I facilitate two powerful guided imageries based on the work of international experts Chuck and Patti Leviton. The first imagery will guide you to a movie theater where you will visualize a scene in your past and consider early childhood attachment and how it might be influencing your relationship. The second imagery will help you meet your inner critic and assist your partner in understanding your internal world. I will also help you interpret both the personal meaning of your imageries and consider the symbolic meanings of the images. This is always an interesting and intimate way to connect with your partner. I hope you can join.

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Please use the form to the right to register for the program. Once we receive your registration form, you will receive a call to set up payment.

Registration requires a deposit of $400.00. You can make payments on the balance at any time. Final payment is due on the Wednesday prior to the program. 

Payments are not refunded in the event of cancellation. They can be applied to a future program or to counseling services.

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