Sessions to Increase Intimacy

If emotional or sexual intimacy is a problem in your relationship, you should consider dedicating therapy sessions to directly focus on improving it. 


In fact, you are likely to see improvements in other areas of your relationship as a result of increasing sustained, focused work on creating increased intimacy in the relationship.

I offer sessions structured around intimate connection. Each session begins with a guided imagery related to intimacy and then the couple is coached by the therapist to reveal their thoughts, feelings, perceptions, expectations and yearnings related to the topic presented in the imagery. Goals are developed at the end of each therapy session to create change between sessions.

I keep the focus on intimacy and challenge the couple not to bring other topics into the therapy process as you might do in traditional couples therapy. This helps maintain fidelity to the treatment focus of increasing intimacy. 

Why guided imagery?

Guided imagery allows for personal reflection by each person. This reflection is shared by each partner and examined for meaning related to intimacy needs in the relationship. When sharing this personal information to each partner, the process increases emotional connection and understanding of "the self" and emotional connection to their partner.


Even though imagery is used in each session, it is only a small part of the therapeutic process.

What to expect?

The first session is assessment, which will help create a clear understanding of the challenges in the relationship and give clarity to the goals that need to be set.


Each session begins with a 10 minute imagery about a specific topic. Couples are guided by the therapist to reflect personally on the imagery experience and then share their understanding of the imagery to their partner. The therapist helps the couple consider themes in the imagery and symbolism as a means to identify needs for intimacy in the relationship.

If you are having trouble with intimacy, whether it is emotional, sensual or sexual, or even intimacy in the friendship aspect of your relationship, I would challenge you to experience this therapeutic process.


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