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Counseling for Communication and Conflict


Challenges with communication are a symptom of a deeper problem, so it is not unusual that the vast majority of couples come to therapy saying that they have problems communicating. 

Communication that is consistently open, anchored, regulated, intimacy-driven and open to the influence of the other will lead to healing of the deeper issues that exists in relationships. Without healthy communication, couples never get to the heart of relational problems and just replicate the same old arguments.

When I help couples with communication problems, I recognize that putting healthy communication process in place is a vehicle to resolving long-standing hurts and resentments.

In therapy, I will identify elements of healthy communication process and help you experience:

*Communication that is open, characteristic of one partner being curious and the other meeting this curiosity with a willingness to disclose.

*Communication that is anchored on intimately relevant material and explored using specific strategies that increase emotional intimacy.

*Communication that includes circular reciprocity, allowing for one partner to influence, and be influenced by, the other.

*Communication that has shared regulation of emotion, guided by specific principles of engagement for tension-filled topics.



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