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Small Group Couples Retreats

Our Small Group Couples Retreat is Experiential.

Why is an Experiential Retreat Unique?
The experiential approach has the basic belief that for strong relationships, couples need to meet each other in a genuine manner with intention to promote the deepening of each partner’s intimate experience in the relationship. This retreat will guide couples toward achieving an empathically attuned relationship, a caring bond between partners, in the moment experiencing that is appropriately healthy and healing, and increasing the capacity for reflective awareness (not automatic responding). This allows for personal growth to occur for each partner and growth in the deepening relationship.


  • Experience you partner authentically,  utilizing healthy communication.

  • Experience your partner as they work to heal hurt in the relationship.

  • Learn several strategies to create intimate, non-defensive dialogue. 

  • Learn communication skills that drive intimacy and limit defensiveness.

  • Learn the conflict stages and plan strategies for each stage.

  • Identify targets for healing in your relationship and learn how to work toward healing these past ruptures in a compassionate way.

  • Understand the unconscious agendas that are operating in your relationship, how they are negatively influencing each of you by creating barriers to attachment, and how to make small course corrections to redirect connection.

  • Experience two guided imageries as a couple that will help you understand each other’s childhood from a different perspective and how your survival strategies of the past are driving your longings in the relationship. In the process, understand you own internal critic and how it can create barriers in your relationship.

  • Learn all the dimension of intimacy, know your strengths and weaknesses, and strategies for strengthening intimacy.

  • Learn a process for strengthening the sexual and sensual relationship.

  • Know the differences between survival and growth stances.

  • Experience an activity called “The Couple of the Future” and set the actions necessary to be that couple.

Trails and Mountains: Adventure Couples Retreat
Scottsdale Arizona
June 20-24, 2024

June 20-24, 2024



per couple

Trails and Mountains: Adventure Couples Retreat

This is an adventure couples retreat open to 3 couples. This retreat is designed to help couples develop healthy and healing communication skills, build conflict process skills, and to engage in healing conversations about past hurts in the relationship. In addition to our skill-building sessions, our adventures will help you connect intimately and cooperatively  as a couple, including hiking in Sedona to Devil's Bridge, a sunset visit to Desert Botanical Gardens, and a challenging hike up Camelback Mountain.


Our retreat will take place in a spacious home set in the Scottsdale, overlooking the desert ecology. Each couple has their own room.  The house and outdoor areas are used for small group discussions and private therapeutic work. 


-Hiking through Sedona to Devil's Bridge. Take in the red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests and get a picture on the bridge if you dare (rated easy)

-Sunrise Hike (rated easy)

-Walk through Desert Botanical Gardens (rated easy)

-Hike Camelback Mountain (rated difficult if you do the whole hike, moderate if you skip the hard part)


What's Included

The cost of the retreat includes the clinician's fees, lodging, adventure fees and program materials, breakfast, two dinners, but exclusive of airfare/travel to and from airport. 

Pre-Retreat Phone Consultation

Your fee includes a 30 minute phone consultation to plan expectations prior to the retreat.




Check in after 5:00. We will gather for our opening orientation discussion at around 6:00pm, We will share wine and appetizers and discuss the weekend goals.



9:00 Hiking in Sedona. Experience the red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests as we hike to Devil's Bridge.  

5:00 Enjoy the nightlife of Old Town Scottsdale

8:30 Breakfast in-house 
9:00 -11:30 Therapeutic Session: Healthy and Healing Communication
11:30-1:00 Lunch on your own, eat, time to reflect and connect
1:00-3:00 Therapeutic Session: Approaching Difficult Conversations and Managing Conflict
6:00 Sunset walk at the Desert Botanical Gardens
7:00 Dinner at Olive and Ivy 


6:00AM- Sunrise Hike-Optional for those early risers!

8:30 Breakfast in-house
9:00 -11:30 Therapeutic Session: Deepening Relational and Sexual Intimacy
11:30-1:00 Lunch, eat, time to reflect
1:00-3:00 Therapeutic Session: Healing the Past to Grow the Future
4:30  Hike Camelback Mountain
7:00 Dinner at the Mission Kierland

9:00 Therapeutic Session: Goal Setting
Check out by 11:00



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