Residential Weekend Couple Therapy

The Residential Weekend Couple Therapy program is a fantastic opportunity to  do some intensive work. Unlike what you might experience at a couple's retreat, this weekend is not group work with other couples, but just you and the therapist (me). Also, where  retreats are not meant for couples in distress,  this weekend program is for distressed couples and is very much a therapeutic endeavor, meant to create lasting change in your relationship. For complete information, The program is held at the beautiful Murphin Ridge Inn in Adams County Ohio.


Common Questions:


What is the Residential Weekend Couple Therapy Program?

  • The program is meant for couples in distress. Couples who attend may be experiencing a recent affair, problems with intimacy and connection, complete disconnection to the point of living parallel lives, challenges with communication or engaging successfully in conflict,

  • Since the focus is on a specific relationship problem(s), this is not what is typically considered a couple's weekend retreat. It is therapy designed to treat the underlying condition in the relationship to create lasting change.

Where does the program take place?

  • The Residential Program is held at the beautiful Murphin Ridge Inn in rural Adams County Ohio. Situated on 142 acres of rolling woodland and farmland with breathtaking vistas of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the Inn offers beautiful cabins, fine dining in the Inn and a private conference room where we can do our work together.


Do other couples attend?

  • No, it is just you and the therapist (which is me), The program is highly individualized to your circumstances.

What is the agenda?

  • The Residential program  runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. 


  • The weekend includes helping you make an assessment of the relationship, identifying the root causes of the problem(s) and participating in specific interventions to address the issues. Blocks of time are dedicated to therapeutic work with the therapist, individualized experiential work completed alone as a couple, and a combination of the two.

  • The program can be seen as an immersion experience with the therapist who works closely with the couple throughout the weekend. Each day includes clinical sessions, experiential activities, and meals with the therapist that include guided discussions about clinical topics.

  • Weekend agendas  are tailored to meet specific issues, including Residential Weekend Couple Therapy for:

       1. Infidelity Recovery

       2, Strengthening Intimacy and Sexuality

       3. Managing Problematic Communication and Conflict

       4. Becoming Better "Team" Partners and Effective Parents

       5. Relationship Building (for those just interested in a  general " couple's retreat" to strengthen 

           the relationship 



What is the actual time-frame of the weekend?


   12:00pm  Pick up at Airport or at office in Cincinnati

   1:00pm    Session

   3:00pm    Check-in to cabin

   5:30pm    Dinner with therapist at the Inn (Guided discussion topic)

   7:30pm    Session


   8:30am    Breakfast with therapist (Guided discussion topic)

   9:30am    Session

   12:30pm  Lunch and experiential activity (Therapist instructed, but couple does this on their own)

   2:00pm    Session

   5:30pm    Dinner with therapist (Guided discussion topic)

   7:30pm    Experiential activity (Therapist instructed, but couple does this on their own)


   8:30am    Breakfast with therapist (Guided discussion topic)

   9:30am    Session

   11:00am  Check out

   11:00am-12:00pm Closing ceremony and travel back to airport or office



What is included?

  • The Residential Weekend Couple Therapy Program includes accommodations, all meals, and travel from Cincinnati to the Inn, and the cost of the therapist time.

  • Couple's traveling by air will be picked up at the airport and transported to the Inn. Couples in close proximity can choose to drive directly to the Inn or meet at the therapist office in Cincinnati and be transported to the Inn.

What is the cost?

  • The cost is all inclusive for the time that you are in the program.

  • A payment plan is available and is highly flexible.

  • The cost for the weekend is  $3125. A $500 deposit is required to schedule the weekend.