Growth in Chaos

Transformational Process Group for Women

This group is co-led by Dr. Butch Losey, Ed.D., LPCC-S and Christal Nelson, B.S., C.T.


Group therapy creates a community of healing. This is a significant component of this group and may be different than other group experiences that you may have had. This group encourages restorative, compassionate interaction between the participants and encourages participants to: connect inwardly with self;  reveal these experiences outwardly with others for reflection; advocate for self; and understanding self in the context of others. From my experience, this is a powerful process.

This group is for women who are struggling in their intimate relationship because of infidelity, conflict, loss of connection and other challenges that come with trying to connect intimately. It is based on the many restorative retreats that I have participated in with the Satir Institute in Canada and the U.S., and of course the work of Virginia Satir.


This group is about growth and transformation. We will work together to strengthen your understanding and appreciation of you, the only one of you on this planet.

Wholeness, growth and evolution are natural human processes and, therefore, need
to be the focus of any therapeutic change. Transformational change comes from the level
of your Life Energy. It means that people are becoming more of their true, "selves" rather than living in their reactive, survival systems. We will work together to strengthen you in the context of your relationship.

Come join us on Saturday mornings to be prized, to discover what you truly want for you and to live a congruent life that is intentionally created.

The overall goals for this group include:

1. To raise self-esteem

The term self-esteem is used so loosely that it has lost meaning. We hope to raise self-esteem through helping you value your uniqueness and having genuine appreciation for self.

2. To become a choice-maker

Become a choice-maker by making choices that move you to freedom to see and hear what is here, freedom to feel what you feel, freedom to ask for what you want, and freedom to take risk on your own behalf.

3. To become responsible

of your internal experiences of feelings, perceptions, expectations and yearnings.

4. To become congruent 

through synergy of your "self", your relationship with others and within the context of your life.

Future Session Dates

This is an ongoing group.

Upcoming dates include:



January 4th: 9:00am-11:00am

Our group on Saturday January 4th will focus on congruent living. Congruent living strengthens trust in our relationship. In the simplest form, we are congruent when our internal experience matches our external expressions. On a deeper level, we must increase our conscious awareness of our internal experience, move more toward our greatness and expression of passion and courageously go where it is "hot". We will discuss these topics and strategize how we will move towards congruent living and gain support from our partner.


10945 Reed Hartman Highway

Suite 302

Blue Ash, OH 45242



9:00am-11:00am on selected Saturdays


$50.00 per session

Please Register for Each Session

Please register and pay before you attend the session.
It helps us keep track of how many people will be attending.



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