Date Night

Live Webinar Series 

for Couples

I conduct regular live webinars through video conferencing. Each session has an educational component common of webinars and also a restorative component similar to couples therapy, in that you will be guided through private experiences within the webinar and tasks to complete after the webinar.

All completely anonymous from the other couples and me.


In each session, you will hear the insights of an experienced couples therapist on a given topic, have an opportunity to ask questions through the chat feature, engage with your partner through a facilitated experience that I guide you through, and you will receive relevant handout materials.


You will not interact with the other couples, other than to potentially see comments or questions in the chat bar. You can be anonymous from the group.

My hope is that you will skip date night and join me for one of these live webinars. It will cost less than date night and certainly will cost less than therapy. You can join them all or just the ones that feel most relevant to you.

Schedule an evening to focus on your relationship

by attending one of my Date Night Live Webinars! 

Join regularly to create insight and intentional action

to live the relationship that you desire as a couple.

Regular attendance could be a good alternative to therapy.

There are several components of this webinar.​

1) Presentation of the topic material by Dr. Losey.

2) Opportunity for questions and answers.

3) Guided activity that each couple will participate in during the webinar. Other couples will not see or hear you, and in fact, I will not see or hear you.

3) Dr. Losey will suggest post-webinar tasks.

4) Attendees will receive handouts by email immediately following the webinar.

5) Following the webinar, couples are asked to spend an additional hour with each other to discuss the webinar content and create action.

6) The work you do as a couple between webinars!

Once you register, you will receive the link to join the program and directions on how to keep yourself confidential from the rest of the group.



Out of state guest are reminded that these times are Eastern Standard Time.



The Influence of Family of Origin

June 5, 2020

6:00pm - 7:30pm

This will be an interesting live webinar that uses guided imagery as a way of understanding the influence of family of origin. I enjoy doing these imageries with couples because they tend to lead to greater intimacy and understanding. This is a pretty simple imagery that last no more than ten minutes. Following the imagery, I will guide couples through exploration of the personal and universal symbols along with deconstructing the historical narrative and how it is influencing your relationship in positive and negative ways.


Congruence as a Means to Increasing Intimacy

June 19, 2020

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Living in alignment with your core values leads to greater connection with others. In intimate relationships, it is critical that couples demonstrate congruence in their thoughts and actions. Congruence leads to trust, having your needs met and overall mental and physical well-being. Increasing congruence will allow you and your partner to grow in harmony with your own life energy and to experience the peace and connection that exists there. When you are more congruent, you are free from negative experiences of the past and can live in the present and experience more mature and engaging interactions. Join this live webinar to increase authenticity, trust and intimacy in your relationship.



Conflict Process and Conflict Communication

June 26, 2020

6:00pm - 7:30pm


     Some therapists suggest that couples "fight well". I challenge couples to "not fight at all" but to stay connected in the tension of difference. Understanding how conflict develops will give you key information about what to do and at what point in time. I will discuss how conflict evolves, I will identify the goals that are within each stage of conflict and discuss a process for how to seek resolution. 

     You will have time in the webinar to apply these principles to your relationship and prepare a specific plan for "staying in the tension" in your relationship, ultimately managing potential conflict in a positive, congruent, connected manner.


The Conflict Between us is the Conflict Within Me

July 10, 2020

6:00pm - 7:30pm

This webinar is based on the work of two friends, Chuck and Patti Leviton. Sadly, they are no longer with us but you will get the essence of their spirit as I share their ideas with you. There are two parts of our discussion this evening. First,I will review their ideas on how we parter as couples. Like a magnet, we draw a specific type of person who connects with us in both positive and negative ways to reflect and mirror the unfinished business of life that we need to work on within ourselves. Thus, our partner becomes a surrogate stand-in for parts of ourselves with which we are in conflict. Second, I will share one of their beautiful guided imageries titled "The Critic", which will help you soften a negative voice within you. We will analyze the personal and universal symbols to identify other possible internal conflicts that you may be working through with your partner that may even be out of your awareness. 


Healing the Hurt in the Relationship: 

Creating Healing Presence


6:00pm - 7:30pm

This webinar is for couples who have had a recent hurt in the relationship. You will learn what it means to be a healing presence for someone, understand the characteristics of dialogue that heals and during the webinar, couples will be guided through a private conversation that sets up an opportunity to heal an aspect of your relationship. 



How Couples Can Manage Triggering Experiences


6:00pm - 7:30pm

Couples who experience infidelity typically struggle with managing intrusive thinking and escalating conversations. In this webinar, I will talk about the strategies that the hurt partner can do to manage intrusive thoughts and images, and what the couple can do in partnership to manage the dysregulation that comes with triggers. Prior to the webinar, I will send all participants an assessment to complete. In the webinar, I will discuss the meaning of the assessment and how the information can be used for the benefit of your relationship.


The cost is $50.00 per couple.



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