An Invitation to Write About Your Experience

Thanks for considering writing something about your experience with infidelity for possibly inclusion in my upcoming book. I am interested in hearing from both the perspective of the partner who had the affair and also the partner hurt by the affair.

Your identity will not be included in the book. However, with your writing submission, I will ask you to include your full name and contact information. This will help me connect with you if I need any clarification about what you have written and also for me to document my "references".  I may also want to ask to interview you. For these reasons, I will not accept any anonymous writing.


I have a number of special interest topics. These special interest topics are specific things I am interested in hearing about. However, I am interest in any topic that is important to you. 

Special Interest Topics for the hurt partner:

  • Your  experiences with choosing or not choosing to contact with the affair partner after discovery.

  • Your experiences with needing to investigate the affair.

  • Your experiences  with triggers and how you have managed them.

  • How you may have experienced "erotic recovery", which means increased sexual intimacy with your partner as you rebuild your relationship after the affair.

  • What did you most need right after learning about the affair?

  • What worked and didn't work with telling family and friends about the affair? What would you do differently?

  • Your difficulty with places, people and events associated with the affair. How did you manage this?

Special Interest Topics for the partner who had the affair:

  • Did you disclose the affair to your partner? If so, how?

  • Your experience with the evolving aspect of the development of the affair.

  • Did you lie and cover up the affair when it was found out? What was your motivation?

  • What did you feel and think about yourself, your partner and your affair partner during the affair and following discovery?

  • How did you help your partner after disclosure or discovery? What didn't work ?What did you need from him/her?

Please submit your thoughts!

Thanks for submitting your ideas for my book. If I have any further questions, I will reach out to you.