Intensive Couples Therapy

An important part of my practice is the use of intensive sessions. These sessions are three-hours long, and highly planned. Intensive session can be useful for couples in crisis who are in need of immediate help or for couples that are not local to Cincinnati.  


Couples can accomplish the work of weeks of therapy in just one intensive session, in effect, helping couples stabilize the crisis quicker than what it would take in multiple weeks of 55-minute sessions.


I have many out-of-town and out-of -state couples that travel from Columbus, Dayton, Louisville and Lexington. These couples will typically schedule the intensive sessions.

Communication Intensive Sessions

Communication Intensives are different than therapy and they are different than couple's retreats. These 3-hour sessions are enactment-based, meaning that the goal is to keep the couple talking to each other, not talking to the therapist. This is a hugely important distinction. Communication processes are taught by the therapist as the couple's dialogue continues. The therapist coaches, interrupting problematic communication and directing healthy communication. There is not a focus on relationship history, assessment, or diagnosis but on in-the-moment communication that occurs between the couple throughout the session. 



Communication intensive sessions have multiple benefits.

1. The communication processes experienced in these intensive sessions last post-treatment. Couples experience effective communication processes and they learn these as they are interacting around difficult topics. Research shows that couples that interact around difficult topics as they are being coached by the therapist have better outcomes for treatment than couples who are just taught communication skills. 


2. Couples will reduce resentment intimacy because the intensive sessions focus on topics that the couples tend to avoid for fear of escalation. These topics are addressed and healthy communication processes are put into place and coached by the therapist.

3. Couples have increased intimacy because the work in session helps them feel understood and successful in managing emotional topics.

Couples Learn:


Levels of communication-

Couples tend to not use all three levels of communication in their dialogue and tend to focus on just one to communicate ideas. They also misuse other levels of communication. 


Therapeutic agency-

Distressed couples tend to fail at providing therapeutic support for each other. 


Intentional inquiry: 4 growth questions-

Asking the right questions that either A) increase insight for the person asking the questions or

B) increasing insight for the person who is asked the question. A higher level process necessary for intimate dialogue.

Expansive Dialogue-

The couple learns a structure to expand intimate dialogue.​

Stages of conflict-

Couples learn the conflict process and what the goals are for each stage of the process. Once the process is understood, couples can work the goals for each particular stage so that they can stay engaged and be successful in managing the conflict. This process challenges the notion of taking a time out, preferring that the couple stay "timed-in" if possible, working specific goals based on the stage of conflict.

Management of Criticism-

With highly critical partners, techniques are taught on how to respond to persistent criticism and communicating the underlying message of criticism.

Intensive Couples Therapy

  • I currently have openings at my Anderson office

  • Sessions are 3 hours long

  • The cost is $425.00 per session



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