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Home-Based Intensive Sessions

Home-Based Intensive Sessions are a fantastic opportunity to do some intensive work as a couple with the personalized guidance of the therapist. Unlike what you might experience at a typical couple's retreat, home-based sessions are not group work with other couples, but just you and the therapist.

Why home-based sessions?

Clear your schedule and have the therapist come to you!

Home-based sessions are a great opportunity to restore your relationship while having significant time with the therapist, without dealing with the demands of your daily life and without taking additional time away to travel to a retreat location. From the comfort and safety of your home, it is a time to look inward and focus on yourself and each other.

Home-based sessions can include crisis work, such as managing the aftermath of infidelity, experiential activities to deepen intimacy, teaching sessions to develop new skills, and facilitated conversations that guide you through difficult topics. 

Some of the reasons couples seek home -based intensive sessions include recovery after an affair, sex and intimacy issues, empty nest challenges, communication problems, pre-marital work, and improving conflicts skills. 

Compare the cost of home-based sessions to the cost of traveling to a couple's retreat. My session fee is $1500.00, plus expenses. Please call for a quote or to ask more questions about how home-based sessions work.



Home-Based Sessions

1500.00, + Expenses

Flexible payment plan available




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