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Workshops for Therapists 

April 12, 2019


Cost: $30.00

Focusing Technique to Create Inward Experience  

Presenter: Dr. Butch Losey

Based on the work of Eugene Gendlin, transformative changes comes from the clinician helping the client bring forward an inward experience in therapy. Focusing creates the opportunity for "inward arising" and can lead to a deeper experience in therapy and transformative change. The therapist helps the client:

-experience the "felt sense",

-create space,

-and resonate the handle -among other strategies. 


May 10, 2019


Cost: $30.00

Utilizing Enactment and Clinician Influence to Create Systemic Change

Presenter: Dr. Butch Losey

This workshop will discuss how to create and implement enactments with couples and families. Participants will learn the research supporting enactments; how to structure enactments in stages; several methods for transitioning into enactments; and specific influential techniques that can be used by the clinician to facilitate in-the-moment relational change. These interventions will be demonstrated during the workshop.


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